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Eterno was built on the precincts of a clear and unmet need of quality content for the vernacular populace in India.

The central idea was to serve and empower local languages. The challenge was not only to build a translation engine, rather deliver a true tech driven localisation platform; A platform that empathises with the cultural nuances and the real context that can only be discovered in one's mother tongue.

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Leading the vernacular content aspirations of Bharat, Dailyhunt is India’s #1 content platform.

It reflects the diversity of the nation with an equally astounding 115,000+ new content artifacts every day in 14 languages.

This is made possible by 50,000 plus content partners and an even broader ecosystem of individual creators.

Dailyhunt enthrals over 285 million active users across the nation with over 30 billion page views and 9 billion video views per month.

Eterno sources high end machine learning as well as deep learning technologies to bring an intelligent and intuitive rhythm to this vast canvas.

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Your world
in your language

At Eterno, we know the 'mother' in the mother tongue exists for a reason.

We believe that while words may transmit information, it is one's mothers tongue that conveys meaning.

Just like your mother, your mother tongue not only helps you understand the world around you but also makes you feel understood.

Therefore we strive to give our audience content in a language that is their own.

So that not only can they watch and read but also feel.

June 21, 2022
Dailyhunt is going global by expanding into Middle East, North Africa markets...
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June 21, 2022
Dailyhunt expands operations to the Middle East...
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